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Psychologist Session


You Ask - I Answer


How long does each therapy session take?

Therapy sessions are typically 50 minutes long.  However, it is easy to go over when a good conversation is going.  I have a sand timer to keep us on track! Your time is valuable and I don't want to keep you from the rest of your day.

What if I don't click with my therapist?

If you don't feel like we click, please let me know!  It is very important to feel comfortable with your therapist and not all personalities are compatible.  I will be happy to provide you with referrals to other therapists. The same pair of jeans does not fit everyone and one therapist won't be the right fit for everyone either!

How do I overcome my fear of being judged by my therapist?

Making the decision to participate in therapy is not easy so I am proud of you for even looking for a therapist!  Meeting a stranger and eventually discussing personal issues with that person can be scary.  I am not perfect and I do not have the answers for everything.  I do not expect you to be perfect either.  I have that fear of being judged as well.  I feel like that will dissipate when we become familiar with one another.  I will never make you discuss anything you aren't ready to talk about.  I let you lead the conversation or you are welcome to let me know what you would like to discuss.

Do you take clients who are in non-traditional relationships?

I welcome everyone to participate in therapy.  If you are in an open relationship, come to therapy.  If you are in a poly relationship, come to therapy.  If you practice BDSM or Kink, come to therapy.  If you are LGBTQIA+, come to therapy.  Therapy is a safe space and everyone is welcome!

What is the first session like?

The first session is an intake session, which is when I gather background information about you.  There are personal questions that I do not expect you to provide detailed answers to.  This is a requirement by insurance companies, which is the only reason they have to be asked the first day.  You will never be pressured to answer questions you do not want to answer.  The first session is also when we work together to establish therapeutic goals and a treatment plan.  I will take notes during the first session because there is a lot of information to gather.  However, I think note taking during sessions is impersonal and distracting, and do not do so during any other sessions.

What are therapy sessions like?

My style is to check in with you at the beginning of each session to review how you have been since our last session.  Then I will ask if there is anything you would like to discuss (and review therapeutic "homework", if there was any). At the end of the session, you will have the opportunity to let me know if there is something you would like to discuss or learn about during your next session.  If there is ever a therapeutic assignment or anything about the session you dislike, please let me know because we can also use a different approach.

What the expectations of me during therapy sessions?

My goal is for you to achieve your goals.  My hope is that you come as you are to therapy.  You do not have to dress or act any certain way to come to therapy.  If using cuss words is the way you express yourself, feel free to use cuss words.  I like to use humor and therapy is a safe space.  There is no need to mask your true self.  I will respect you and I ask that you respect me.  My recommendations are not mandatory and I encourage you to let me know if anything does not feel like the right fit for you.  Different approaches work for different people and I don't want to waste your time if an approach is not working.

How long will it take to reach my therapeutic goals?

There is not a specific timeframe for this.  The answer really depends on your honesty during therapy and your willingness to put in the work.  This also depends on what your goals are because each situation is different.  I encourage clients to remain in therapy for 6 months.  However, goals will be reviewed frequently and it may take fewer or longer than 6 months to complete therapy.

How often should I attend therapy?

I recommend for therapy to take place once a week for the first month and then we will re-evaluate and potentially move to bi-weekly sessions.

What if I don't complete therapy "homework"?

Therapeutic homework is given to help you with your progress with reaching your goals.  It is up to you whether or not you complete it.  If you don't complete your homework, please come to therapy anyways.  There will be no lecture if your homework is not finished!

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

I do not offer sliding scale rates, since I accept insurance.  My private pay rate is $100 for a 50-minute session.

How do you pronounce your name?

Jeanne (Jee Nee) Miller

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